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Home Birth Midwifery Services

Birthing At Home- is magical. But I'm biased. I believe labor and birth unfold most smoothly if the birthing person feels safe and is surrounded by a team of people who believe in their body, their baby and their own unique journey. 

What is a Certified Professional Midwife?

I am a licensed healthcare provider in the State of Maryland, qualified and trained to care for birthing families from preconception through pregnancy, birth and into the postpartum. I am considered a primary maternity care provider, and able to draw blood, refer clients for ultrasounds, carry medications and tools to support a normal, physiologic pregnancy and birth. I practice as an autonomous health professional and am able to serve and support low-risk birthing families to make decisions about their own bodies, babies and births. I attended midwifery school, apprenticed with homebirth midwives and at a birth center, became certified by the North American Registry of Midwives in 2020 and have been licensed in the state of Maryland since 2020. Read more about me here. For more information about the CPM credential, please check out this website. For more information about the safety of homebirths, here are good places to start.  

Cost of Care


For families who use Medicaid or would like to discuss other payment options- please contact me and begin the conversation. I do offer reduced rates and sliding scale services for a limited number of families each year. I won't know unless you ask!

The average cost of a vaginal birth at a hospital in Maryland is $14,000

The average cost of a cesarean birth in Maryland is $17,000-$19,000

Having a baby is a big business!


I work with a biller and will submit a superbill for insurance reimbursement at the conclusion of your care. Every plan and every case is different, but slowly, more insurance companies are offering some money back to families who choose to birth at home.

What's included:

  • One 60-minute virtual consultation to ask questions and see if we may be a good fit in working together

  • Monthly 60-minute prenatal visits for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, then

  • Bi-monthly 60-minute prenatal visits from 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, then

  • Weekly 60-minute prenatal visits from 36 weeks until birth

  • One prenatal and one postpartum body work session- 60 minutes each applying the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

  • All birth supplies needed for your unique birth

(Birth Tub, liner and hose included)

  • Handmade herbal products (teas, tinctures, sitz baths...etc.) created for you

  • A trained and compassionate birth assistant on call for your family from 37-42 weeks of pregnancy (meet her at the bottom of this page!)

  • On-call for you starting at 37 weeks

  • Physical support and presence at your birth- no matter how long you labor. All medications and equipment needed for a home birth and immediate newborn care (Herbs and Medications to handle hemorrhage, Vitamin K, Suture material...etc.)

  • One 24-48-hour home visit to assess your well-being, baby's well-being and integration of your birth experience. Assistance with lactation, herbal and flower essence support, emotional processing and physical healing. I offer the CCHD screening as well as the PKU screening and records faxed to pediatricians office.

  • 2-3 in-home postpartum visits between 2-6 weeks postpartum, including postpartum bodywork, scar tissue tending and emotional processing/integration of birth

  • One in-home biodynamic craniosacral therapy session by Nets Manela, CPM

  • Unlimited phone and text support throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum

  • Herbal support and guidance tailored to your unique needs and body

  • Unlimited Flower Essence support- formulated for you

  • Filing of a birth certificate and submitting a superbill for insurance reimbursement

What's not included

  • Any extra supplements you choose to work with

  • Ultrasounds and labwork- I can draw blood and order ultrasounds, but we will bill insurance for these services

  • Referrals or consultations with other providers or any hospital visits (MFM, Acupuncture, Chiropractor...etc.)


I am coming out of my postpartum period and taking on more birth clients for prenatal care, planned home births and postpartum care!


My birth clients get access to unlimited herbal products and all of the prenatal and postpartum support described in the other pages of my website-

Schedule a free consultation

Thank you for reaching out- !


Meet my Birth Assistant !

My name is Chelsea Delane (she/they)

I am a registered nurse committed to full spectrum pregnancy care. Since 2015, I have worked in many settings, including University of MD Medical Center and outpatient clinics, and the home is by far my favorite. Working alongside Hannah is inspiring and keeps my spirit in the consistent cycle of learning and teaching. My formal education is in nutrition, nursing and herbalism- all of which are lifelong pursuits. This picture was taken by my daughter in front of our garden <3

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