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Flower Essence Healing

The earth is alive. Vibrating. Communicating. Every tree, flower, blade of grass is buzzing with its unique frequency, just as we, humans are. It has been an honor to learn from and with the plants, who generously and lovingly offer up their abundant medicine for the healing of all sentient beings on earth. 


What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences match and meet the frequencies of our bodies (and can be used to work with the bodies of animals, pregnant and lactating bodies and small humans). They work on the more subtle, energetic and emotional imprints housed in our physical bodies. By ingesting these essences, we invite the opportunity of healing into our bodies on the emotional, physical and energetic realms.

Book a Session with me

These hour-long sessions are opportunities for me to learn more about what is present for you- specifically what are some of the biggest issues or challenges you are facing right now. After our sessions, I formulate a unique flower essence blend for you and send it to you. We will discuss dosing guidelines on an individual basis. 

I ask that clients commit to three sessions, scheduled over three months, as to deepen into the healing potential available through this modality.

*the cost of shipping your flower essence is included in the session fee.

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