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Preconception Offerings

Feel empowered and supported as you begin, or move forward in your mission to grow your family

Please email to set up a time to connect to see if I may be a good fit for your unique family, body, goals and desires.


Preconception Counseling

As families begin their journeys, it can be helpful to sit down and be held, witnessed and supported. These are offered as virtual 60-minute sessions where we review where you are on your journey to conception. This can include processing and sharing miscarriages, abortions, and/or previous pregnancies. We check in on where clients are in their cycles, and how to support optimal health through nourishment of the physical and emotional self. We discuss nutrition, gut health, bowel movements, dreams, fears, and whatever else comes up.


These sessions are intended to empower people to step into the journey of conception and pregnancy from a grounded, aligned space - and to give people the tools to weather the often emotionally and physically turbulent first few weeks of pregnancy.

After our session, I will formulate an herbal tea blend and flower essence blend to support your specific and unique body and situation- and mail it to you!

I am offering these sessions for $180- herbs, essence and shipping included.


Intrauterine Insemination/IUI

This service utilizes washed sperm which is placed directly into a uterus, increasing the chances of pregnancy. This is timed with a person’s monthly cycle and ovulation tracking. Any cycling individual or family can utilize this method for treatment. It is often used as the first step of infertility treatment or a first step of pregnancy attempts for couples of the LGBTQ+ community. (This is different from ICI treatments which insert unwashed sperm into the cervix, not the uterus)

I offer in-home visits:

Initial visit: In-home visit to meet you, your family and discuss what your goals and timeline are for conceiving. We review your body's health history/needs, your last 2-3 cycles, draw any pertinent or desired blood work (CMV status, STI screens, blood type, hormone levels...etc.) and make a plan for an IUI attempt.


IUI Attempt: I will be on call for a positive ovulation (OPK test) and we will attempt an In-home Insemination within 24-36 hours.


*Each additional attempt during the same cycle: $200

*Also Includes follow-up care: In-home or virtual visits for emotional support, questions, bodywork, herbal support, bloodwork (serial hcG, referrals for ultrasounds, other requested or pertinent bloodwork)

MOST labwork will be covered by Insurance providers, and I work with a biller who will assist us to submit for insurance reimbursement.



Preconception/Well-Body Visit

In-home well-body visit. We review health history, discuss and draw desired bloodwork and perform other physical health screens (pap smears, breast exams, hormone levels, iron levels).

I offer vaginal steams and pelvic bodywork to support balance and healing in the womb space as part of these visits.

This includes any follow-up bloodwork and a detailed phone call to review labs once they are returned.

After our session, I will formulate an herbal tea blend and flower essence blend to support your specific and unique body and situation- and mail it to you!

I charge $222 for each visit and will submit for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

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