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Postpartum Support

The transformation through birth into parenthood is extraordinary. Our society and culture do not recognize and is not set up to support the enormity that is healing from a birth, taking care of a new being, and integrating parenthood and the challenges and joys into one's existence.

I have sat on hundreds of postpartum beds and held space, held babies, held tissues, held bloody pads, dirty diapers and much more. I incorporate my midwifery clinical experience, an embodied wisdom from moving through my own postpartum portals and knowledge and teachings from Rachelle Garcia Seliga's Innate Postpartum and Physiologic Baby Care courses into my work. I come into relationship with each family honoring their own unique experiences and needs however the postpartum journey is unfolding for them. ​

Across cultures, across time and across space, humans have understood the postpartum to be a pivotal point in the lives of the mother, the baby and the entire community. A mother can come through these first few weeks exalted, nourished and supported and emerge back into the world with vigor and hope and purpose, or she can attempt to juggle too many responsibilities alone, exhausted and depleted and eventually crash.​

I offer unyielding love, devotion and support to the families I walk with through these weeks. This looks like daily check-ins, phone support and weekly visits 2-3 hours long through the first 6 weeks postpartum. My intentions are to nourish the mother with physical support- herbal tea blends, womb massage, perineal care, abdominal healing, assistance breastfeeding, help with food, de-cluttering and organizing the to-dos around the home so mother and baby can rest and heal. While I offer my hands and physical presence, I am offering my heart and emotional healing support as well. I formulate unique herbal blends (teas, tinctures) and flower essence blends to support your specific healing needs. These are created as anchors to move with you through the daily rhythms of this time.

After 6 weeks of tender care, support, integration, healing, growing and learning- my hope is that these mothers, babies and families can emerge from their postpartum nest with the tools they need to thrive. If this sounds like it may be aligned with your intentions for your postpartum, please be in touch. Due to the enormous energetic investment this service requires, I only take on one family each month.​​

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Birth Trauma Debrief and Support Sessions

As humans, we are wired to feel connected. We are constantly striving to find safety in our minds, bodies, communities. Just as a newborn baby is happiest on the chest of their parent, we are more stable and able to handle the demands of pregnancy, parenthood, birth, when we feel supported and valued. I am offering birth story/trauma support. For those who are struggling to integrate their past birth experiences. For those who are feeling fear in undergoing the process again. For those who are caught up in a cycle of fear and doubt, wondering what happened or what could happen again. I bring my years of clinical experience to these sessions, creating a safe container for clients to unpack, process, be witnessed and heard. Sometimes all it takes is sharing the story with a stranger to move the experience out of a body and reset confidence and strength. I offer tools to help piece together the experiences, like writing, flower essences...etc. Sometimes I am not able to help fully and refer clients to see more advanced therapists trained in specific modalities, or those who are able to write prescriptions.

These sessions are a space for ALL parts of you to come out, to be seen, held, and loved. To remind and return your power to YOU- to help create "birth plans" or connect you with resources to bring into your next birth experience. These sessions are also open for people who have experienced pregnancy loss. These sessions happen online, in a private Zoom room, and are 90 minutes long. Some people feel after one session our work is done, and some people choose to book a few throughout their pregnancies and postpartum experiences.

Please email to connect and begin this journey- thank you for inviting me on this path with you.

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