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This is a special collection of beautiful herbs to support our wombs and the tissues of the pelvic bowl.

These herbs can be used to create an herbal sitz bath, vaginal steam or herbal peri bottle wash.

Each purchase will include an introduction to each herb used.

Please be in touch with any specific questions~

Herbal steam bundle

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  • Vaginal Steams:

    By adding boiling water to these herbs and sitting or hovering over the steam, the healing properties of the herbs are delivered to our tissues, tendons and cores.

    Bringing warmth and the medicinal herbs to the uterus and pelvic bowl postpartum can help soften and heal scar tissue, clanse and tone the uterus, increase circulation, assist the healing of hemorrhoids, offer gratitude for our bodies, feel grounded and nourished, release emotions and reduce the risk of infection.

    *If you are unsure about steaming, you can always consult your midwife or a vaginal steam practitioner. These herbs can also be steeped into a nourishing tea to drink in the postpartum as well.

    Try 1 cup of these dried herbs with up to 1 gallon of boiling water.

    There are many instructions and guides for positions and configurations for vaginal steams online, but I have found success in placing a large bowl with the herbs in the toilet, covering myself from the waist down with a blanket to keep the heat in, and steeping myself for about 20 minutes to feel divine and uncomplicated. But, explore and experiment- this is your unique body and journey!

    All herbs included are organic and free of chemicals, oils and preservatives.

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