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Hannah Burba, CPM, LDEM

Welcome! My name is Hannah, and I feel deeply called to serve and support people through the journey of bringing forth life- from preconception through childbirth and into the postpartum phase.

I offer this to the world from an understanding that conception, pregnancy, giving birth and postpartum are not mere medical events. They are physical, yes, often challenging as well, but spiritual and emotionally expansive passages we can journey. I see my role as working with each unique family and circumstance and holding, heightening and honoring each aspect of the process.

About Me

I am married to my best friend and we live with our two children, two cats, one dog and four chickens in Baltimore, Maryland. We love spending time outside, cooking delicious food and reading.

I created Raven Midwifery with the intention of sustainably serving others who are on their path to becoming parents. I believe this time to be an incredibly sacred and profound journey- and one I am humbled to witness again and again.

This time on Earth is one of immense change, destruction and healing. I offer these services with the prayer of truly midwifing a new paradigm around birth, motherhood and bodily sovereignty.

I've worked as a journalist, lived in a mud hut in rural West Africa and worked at a busy birth center in the Philippines. I have worked as a licensed homebirth midwife, served as a doula, and encapsulated hundreds of placentas since 2016.

I am excited to bring my love and passion for supporting families to my community and hope to connect with you soon!

Baltimore midwife


I graduated from Birthwise Midwifery School in 2019 and was licensed as a CPM, LDEM in Maryland in 2020. I have attended births on three continents and continue to be humbled by how powerful our bodies are. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park. I have studied Herbal Medicine for Women's Health with Aviva Romm and the use of flower essences to heal trauma with Ameya Cohen. I have healed and learned with Rachelle Garcia Seliga's postpartum trainings for babies and mothers. I believe plants and trees are magic and medicine and here to help move us through this ever-evolving world, and I enjoy using them as tools to emotionally and physically support change and stability. I am forever grateful for and in awe of the people I have the honor of working with, thank you for being here!​

The Raven

Every thing holds meaning

The raven is special to the people of Baltimore, where I live and practice, as we have a thing with Edgar Allen Poe. Ravens symbolize wisdom, carry messages across the veil, bring insight and healing through death and fertility. The black feathers of the raven represent to me the darkness in which many people labor and birth - the deeper, unseen realms that support us all in our transformations throughout life. I imagine this bird working alongside me, ushering me safely through the city at night as I attend births, and encouraging me to see the beauty and freedom the darkness offers.

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