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What are Flower Essences?

Updated: Apr 25

What are Flower Essences?

Just as we have physical bodies, we also have emotional bodies. We are learning more and more that our emotional bodies- our feelings, stress, trauma, life experiences- shape and inform the function of our physical bodies.

Flower Essences are vibrational medicine.

They transmit the unique energetic frequency of plants and invite them in to work with our bodies.

When we work with flower essences we are gently integrating our emotional bodies and our physical bodies so that we can move through our lives with cohesion and alignment.

This modality was brought to the Western Collective formally (as people have been working with the energetics of plants from time immemorial) by Edward Bach in the 1930s. He prepared 38 remedies from mostly English Wildflowers and plants and shared his unique observations as to their healing properties with the world. Many people are familiar with the Bach Flower “Rescue Remedy” which can be helpful in times of shock, or overwhelm (I used it when I was in the emergency room with a dislocated elbow during my first pregnancy and noticed it brought a tremendous sense of calm to me and my baby!).

Flower essences are the energetic transmissions of living things. I was drawn to this modality when working with newborns and pregnant bodies who were extremely sensitive, too sensitive to work with super-concentrated plant tinctures and teas- I have found that children, pets, lactating and pregnant bodies and babies respond very well to flower essences, and they have given me another tool when working with this population.

Just as each human is unique- when one works with a plant, we are building our own relationship with a plant.

What happens to me in my body will likely be experienced differently in yours, what I hear when sitting with one plant may be different than what someone else interprets- that being said, for the most part, there are overarching themes and patterns in plants, for example, trees offer profound grounding, deeply rooted plants offer an opportunity to detoxify while feeling safe and grounded in our bodies…etc.

Flower Essences are extremely diluted elixirs and do not interact or interfere with other medications or pharmaceutical products- these creations are designed to work on the energetic realms, although as we know, what we are emotionally feeling can impact our physical sensations felt in our bodies. If one is uncomfortable with the sensations or effects of a flower essence, the invitation always is to stop using it.

I began my journey with Flower Essences by studying with Joanna Ameya cohen-

and have since been on a beautiful journey of learning from the plants that surround me and my life.

When a plant is being essenced, a small part of it is offered into a bowl of pristine water. The bowl sits in the sunshine, usually nearby the original plant, and the light and warmth of the sun creates an energetic imprint of the healing vibrational properties of that plant into the water. The preparer uses their sensitive awareness and attunement to the plant to notice, or “hear” any messages or insights the plant wishes to offer. This “Mother Essence” is preserved in alcohol, and then diluted further into individual bottles, as sold on my website.

I have been surprised and humbled, again and again, by the messages and wisdom that have come through as I have worked with these plants. There is such vast compassion, support and guidance in the plant world, and this is such a simple and gentle modality of healing. Because Flower Essences (sometimes called flower remedies) are so potent on the energetic and not often physical level, they are considered safe in all stages of pregnancy, during breastfeeding and with babies, children and pets. Flower essences do not interact with any other medications and I often will suggest them in tandem with either an herbal tincture, tea or pharmaceutical product.

*Suggested dosage is 3 drops on the tongue 2-3 times each day.

Other incredible sources of Flower Essences are below. As always, do your own research before beginning to work with a new modality of healing. Listen to your body and do what is right for you.

Flower Essence Services: Great source of information about Flower Essences, History and Use.

Tree Frog Farm- just incredible essences from the West Coast- I especially love the Electromagnetic Field blend after days spent in front of the screen!

Karuna Nicole- I am grateful to have studied and worked with her amazing medicine- she is a wonderful resource especially for using Flower Essences with pets-

Grandparents of the Forest- wonderful essences made with love and compassion-

Oh yes, I have a few on

as well-!

Have you worked with Flower Essences Before? Do plants talk to you too!? Do you have any questions?! Please be in touch if so!

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