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Tinctures are herbs, or plants, that I soak in either alcohol or glycerin for weeks at a time.

This soaking process extracts the amazing medicinal properties of the herbs and creates an extremely potent, and well-preserved herbal medicine called a tincture.

Typically, folks begin by consuming about 3-6 drops of a tincture by dripping drops on their tongue or in a small glass of tea or water and drinking it down quickly.

More drops will deliver more properties of that herb to a body, less will be less.

Tinctures work on the physical body, as opposed to flower essences, which are designed to work on the emotional and spiritual bodies.

In an acute situation, like an overwhelming period of anxiety, uterine cramping or stomach distress, one can take 3-5 drops of a tincture every 15 minutes until the situation is resolved, or until they feel like they should stop.

I encourage everyone to listen to their bodies to gauge how they are feeling and what the correct dosage that day will be for them.

Herbal medicine is considered cumulative medicine, and frequent, daily use of a tincture can increase its efficacy long-term.

It’s important to know the quality of the herbs one is going to be working with (organic and as fresh as possible is always best) and to check to see if there are any contraindications if one is taking pharmaceutical medications or is dealing with a specific health concern.

What are some of your favorite herbs to work with? What are some of your favorite ways to take a tincture!? Comment below!

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