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Moving through the fire-

wrestling with the roles and expectations of a modern-day midwife during the Solar Eclipse portal Spring 2024

If you have a bad experience at the hospital or with other providers, don’t reach out to me expecting perfection. If you have not dealt with your own trauma, or healed your own triggers and experience, you will likely not have a blissful Instagram-worthy home birth with me. Birth trauma can happen at home.

My job is not to promise any outcome. I cannot guarantee anything. I am humbled again and again by the power and unpredictability of birth and its accompanying experiences. I am not in control.

I can promise sincerity. I can promise my presence. I can promise honesty and my best efforts to communicate and to listen. I can promise I will show up with curiosity, and with empathy to walk alongside you and your family through this experience, wherever it may lead.

I am not the right midwife for someone who is looking to bypass the system, who is looking for an easy-way-out. I am not here to discount my own time, trainings and experience because someone decides they don’t like their OB. I do not know your body better than you do and if your body is a hard place to be, and if you seek decisions about your body from external forces, please do not ask me to be one of them.

This season of life is demanding me to establish stronger boundaries around my work and my energy.

This is a gift.

In this lifetime, I have learned how to please others to secure safety and acceptance, I have constantly worried about being “liked” and “accommodating” - wearing out my gut and mind tending to everyone else in the room - ever conscious of how I may be treated for expressing my truest self.

I am a unique being. An imperfect being. I walk through life with the prayer and intention that I can learn, I can evolve, I can be vulnerable and still be safe.

May we all continue to be birthed into the most aligned versions of ourselves as we move through this time on Earth together -

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