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Top Flower Essences for Postpartum


I should begin by expressing how difficult it was to whittle this list down to seven. Maybe I will update it and add another 15 more in time, as I have seen all sorts of different essences work for different bodies and different situations throughout my time working with them.

Postpartum is a time of leaking. Leaking blood, urine, breastmilk, baby poop, baby pee, sweat, spilled food, tears….it’s to be expected to change the sheets daily. Or at least think about it.

The postpartum is a time of cold. Energetically, your body just grew and birthed an entire human. The pregnancy used much of your resources, both on the physical and emotional level, and the body is recalibrating, and in a time of resetting. How we tend to ourselves during this time of postpartum will dictate how our bodies are set up to move through the phase of menopause, when it comes.

The postpartum is a time out of time. Days stretch out, hours spent looking at your sleeping baby, in awe of the miracle of life. Then often hours are spent listening to a crying baby, working on a breastfeeding relationship, often wondering if any of it is working. Food is great, if you can get it, and so is a shower. Forget about the dishes, other children, work, laundry, the home, texts from friends….we blink and a week has gone by. I often describe this time as “treading water” as that is how it has felt to me, just working on surviving and integrating each day as it comes.

We need so much help. And often we don’t get it. Our culture, society, modern living, is not set up to support new parents. And so we go on to navigate it alone, often piecing together well-meaning meals from friends, the kindness of a stranger holding the door for you as you struggle with a carseat, a few loads of laundry washed and folded by a relative, the tending to the animals and other children by a partner.

I have found the physical routine of offering our bodies something made with love and intended to support us has helped tremendously. That is what flower essences are. They are bottles of support, designed and formulated to assist our emotional unraveling that is, so often, the postpartum experience.

These are the essences I have found to be extremely helpful for many families. But again, search around and feel into what might work for you!

*Suggested dosage is 3 drops on the tongue 2-3 times each day.

Black Walnut- *Especially helpful for new siblings. Black Walnut helps us to ease into a new season of life. This essence helps to provide the grounding as so much around us is changing and moving in a new direction, outside of our control.

Motherwort- This essence is supportive for those who need assistance in discerning where to put our vital life force, our energy. She is also called Lion’s Ear, Motherwort is the mother figure you may be seeking or wishing for as you transition through the portal into Motherhood. She is able to hear that which we may be suppressing and is clear and fierce about what no longer serves. She lets us know what needs to go. Motherwort softens our sympathetic nervous system and allows us to engage with life from a safe and supported place, saying “No” without guilt. Motherwort is especially lovely for those who are stretching through difficult passages around parenthood - where we may wish for guidance, affirmations and help- but do not know where to turn. May she serve you and remind you that you can trust yourself.

Elderflower - This essence can be especially helpful during the first few weeks postpartum, as new babies are landing in their bodies and parents are integrating their birth experiences (and coming back into their bodies as well). Elderflower can help soothe us during fiery times of emotional splitting or fragmentation, for those who feel disconnected to their former selves, their body, their purpose, their path.

Rose- It is safe to receive love. Rose assists us to embody polarity. To be our strong, empowered self-reliant mother selves, and also to be our vulnerable, healing, even wounded selves. Rose helps us to sink into the softness and squishiness of being a new parent and open our hearts to receive help and love from new places without fear or guilt.

Cedar- So incredibly grounding. Cedar helps us to connect in to our breath, to feel our feet on the earth and come home into our bodies with trust, compassion and strength.

Comfrey- Complete healing across all timelines - incredibly powerful when welcoming a new life into a lineage, as things can get stirred up and be brought forth to heal/be reset.

Snapdragon- This essence helps us to connect in and activate our VOICE- helpful for those who experience TMJ. Jaw tension is directly connected to our pelvic bowl/cervical tension, and is extremely helpful for those who have just activated/opened those passages and are needing healing. We NEED help as parents, especially in the immediate postpartum, and Snapdragon can help us to connect to our deepest needs, and activate our voice and ask for help, without guilt or confusion.

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