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What do I do with a Flower Essence?

The Suggested dosage is 3 drops on the tongue 2-3 times each day.

Every body is different. Every day is different.

As humans on Earth, we move through cycles and our healing journeys are no different.

I urge everyone to tune in and listen to how their body is responding to herbal or plant medicine. If someone reports feeling overwhelmed by emotions or memories, maybe back off and take a few days off from taking a flower essence. If someone wants to take more, then I encourage them to listen to their own intuition and body.

Some days I take an entire dropper-full of a flower essence and add it to a water bottle, cup of tea or glass of water and sip on it throughout the day.

I have been surprised and humbled, again and again, by the messages and wisdom that have come through as I have worked with plants and head the stories of people sharing their own journeys with me.

There is such vast compassion, support and guidance in the plant world, and flower essences are an incredibly simple and gentle modality of healing.

Flower Essences (sometimes called flower remedies) are considered safe in all stages of life, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and with babies, children and pets. Flower essences do not interact with any pharmaceuticals or medications.

With newborns, I ask a parent’s permission, then place one drop of flower essence on their head or the bottom of their feet.

With pets, I ask them if they are ok with me placing a drop on a paw, an ear, or on their head, or I have dropped into their food or water bowl.

Have you worked with Flower Essences Before? Do plants talk to you too!? Do you have any questions?! Please be in touch if so!

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